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Developed by a peripheral nerve surgeon and anti-aging specialist with a background in nutrition. NeuroGen is the most effective nerve supplement available with 12 key ingredients at the therapeutic dose used in research studies that are proven to decrease nerve pain, decrease numbness and improve nerve function.

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Experience the Power of Advanced Nerve Pain Relief

Neurogen is the breakthrough nerve support supplement designed specifically for medical providers who treat patients with nerve pain and neuropathy. Formulated from 12 key clinically researched ingredients, each tablet provides potent nerve pain relief at the studied doses for maximum efficacy.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking providers who are harnessing the benefits of Neurogen to enhance their patients' quality of life. Direct your patients to our trusted website for their supplement needs and earn a commission on each bottle sold. Another option that many providers choose is to purchase bottles at wholesale and sell directly in their office. It's time to offer a scientifically-backed alternative that could transform the lives of those struggling with neuropathic pain and other medical conditions to significantly improve their symptoms. Check out our patient testimonials below.

Why Choose Neurogen?
Optimal Formula for Nerve Health
Our cutting-edge formula is crafted with precision, incorporating a blend of vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts known for their ability to assist nerve health and provide comfort from nerve pain.

Backed by Research
Every ingredient in Neurogen has been selected based on robust research studies, ensuring thatpatients receive a product that's not just promising but proven.

Professional Benefits
By recommending Neurogen, you can rest assured that your patients have access to a top-tier supplement, while also benefiting from a commission model that rewards your practice.

How Can Neurogen Help Your Patients?

Neuropathy Relief:
Specially designed to target the discomfort associated with neuropathy, Neurogen strives to alleviate symptoms and provide long-term nerve support.

Supplement for Nerve Pain:
These easy-to-take tablets can complement existing pain management plans, offering natural relief without the need for prescription medications.

Nerve Support:
Beyond immediate relief, Neurogen works to cultivate lasting nerve health, helping patients regain the comfort and ease they once enjoyed.

Join Our Mission to Revolutionize Nerve Health Care
We invite you to become a Neurogen affiliate and start empowering your patients to take control of their nerve health. Together we can make a substantial impact on managing nerve pain more effectively and compassionately.

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Patient testimonials

"I have had neuropathy symptoms in my feet for years and came across a product called NeuroGen. After taking six daily tablets, I noticed within 48 hours a reduction of about 50% of the problems. After one month I noticed a 95% reduction in my neuropathy symptoms. I would recommend this supplement to anyone who would like instant results with her neuropathy problem which is not normally the case with typical supplements."
Mark S. 

For 21 years I was on gabapentin. I was taking two pills three times a day at 600 mg. I hated it. I had tried other supplements and nothing worked. Dr. Fitzmaurice convinced me to try this. I’m so glad I did I slowly weaned myself off the gabapentin over four months. the first thing I noticed was more energy and less brain fog. As my gabapentin dosage went down my pain did not come back. I’m not saying I never hurt, but NeuroGen works way better than gabapentin ever did. in 2021 I threw away gabapentin and just take this natural supplement. I feel so much better thank you Dr Fitzmaurice for convincing me to try this."
Michelle S.

Improved recovery after surgery
"I started using NeuroGen before my carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery. My healing process was much faster than previous surgeries. I continue to use NeuroGen ona daily basis and would highly recommend it to anyone with nerve pain."
Deb L.

Lyme diseae
"I have late stage Lyme Disease, and I love love love this stuff!!! It’s literally the only supplement out there that has been able to help me with my cognitive function. I felt the benefits about 4 weeks into consistently taking it. I went from feeling massive massive brain fog, to feeling super clear and sharp, in regards to my thinking process. I felt mentally handicapped before, but NeuroGen helped give me back quality of life!!!"
Christina C.

A chart listing neurogen's ingredients: Methylocobalamin vitamin b12: 2mg, vitamin d3: 800iu, vitamin b6: 10mg, n-acetyl l-cysteine: 900mg, acetyl l-carnitine hcl: 600mg, curcumin: 500mg, r-alpha lipoic acid: 600mg, serratiopeptidase: 40,000su, benfotiamine: 300mg, bromelain: 600gdu, coenzyme q10: 175mg, bioperine black pepper extract: 10mg