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Developed by a nerve surgeon and anti-aging specialist with a background in nutrition. The NeuroGen formula is backed by years of research to provide a breakthrough in nerve relief ad overall cellular health, providing the most effective option for improved nerve function and decreased nerve pain and improve well being. Get pain relief from conditions such as peripheral neuropathy and improve your wellness now!

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Benefits of NeuroGen

- Developed by nerve surgeon and anti-aging specialist.
- 12 key ingredients proven through scientific articles to relieve pain from nerve conditions such as diabetic neuropathic pain.
- Combination of ingredients more powerful than individual ingredients.
- Improved cognition and alertness.
- Anti-aging formula to decrease effects of aging on cells.
- Ingredients in dose used in research studies.
- Most effective nerve supplement available.
- improves overall function of nerve cells.

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"I have had neuropathy symptoms in my feet for years and came across a product called NeuroGen. After taking six daily tablets, I noticed within 48 hours a reduction of about 50% of the problems. After one month I noticed a 95% reduction in my neuropathy symptoms. I would recommend this supplement to anyone who would like instant results with her neuropathy problem which is not normally the case with typical supplements."
Mark S. 

For 21 years I was on maximum dose prescription nerve pain medications. I hated it. I had tried other supplements and nothing worked. Dr. Fitzmaurice convinced me to try this. I’m so glad I did I slowly weaned myself off pain medications over four months. the first thing I noticed was more energy and less brain fog. As my dosage went down my pain did not come back. I’m not saying I never hurt, but NeuroGen works way better than any of the prescription drugs ever did. in 2021 I threw away prescription and just take this natural supplement. I feel so much better thank you Dr Fitzmaurice for convincing me to try this."
Michelle S.

Improved recovery after surgery
"I started using NeuroGen before my carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery. My healing process was much faster than previous surgeries. I continue to use NeuroGen on a daily basis and would highly recommend it to anyone with nerve pain."
Deb L.

Lyme diseae
"I have late stage Lyme Disease, and I love love love this stuff!!! It’s literally the only supplement out there that has been able to help me with my cognitive function. I felt the benefits about 4 weeks into consistently taking it. I went from feeling massive massive brain fog, to feeling super clear and sharp, in regards to my thinking process. I felt mentally handicapped before, but NeuroGen helped give me back quality of life!!!"
Christina C.


NeuroGen® works by actually helping your body to rebuild damaged nerves and improve function. In fact, the ingredients in NeuroGen® Nerve Support Supplement can improve memory, alertness and overall mental cognition for some patients. NeuroGen® Nerve Support Supplement can significantly reduce (and in many cases eliminate) symptoms caused by nerve damage, such as pain, tingling and weakness. Our proprietary formula promotes the rebuilding of nerves, which can improve overall function rather than masking them. Key ingredients within NeuroGen® are highly absorbable and utilized by the body more efficiently than cheaper compounds which are commonly used in other nerve supplements on the market today. Our quality ingredients can help increase nerve regeneration and protect the nerves from damage.

Formulated with
Proven Ingredients

NeuroGen® Nerve Support Supplement is a breakthrough in nerve health and nutrition. Our patent-pending formula was developed by a peripheral nerve surgeon and anti-aging specialist with an extensive background in nutritional support. NeuroGen® is the most advanced and complete nerve supplement on the market today. Its proprietary blend of ingredients have the therapeutic dose used in research studies to promote optimal nerve health and is designed to help improve actual nerve structure and overall function.*

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
Coenzyme Q-10
Acetyl L Carnatine
N-Acetyl Cysteine
Vitamin B6
Vitamin D3

Backed by
Scientific Research

NeuroGen® Nerve Support Supplement is the most advanced nerve formula on the market today. It contains the highest quality ingredients available, which are more quickly absorbed and can improve nerve healing, decrease nerve pain and speed up the overall recovery process